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Taxi Coop Montreal: The Ideal Choice in Montreal

At Taxi Coop Montreal, we respond to more than 1.4 million calls each year. Whether you need to get from the grocery store to home or from the office to the airport, our team at Taxi Coop Montreal will be happy to serve you.


Professional Service at All Times

We follow-up on every call to verify that each service request has been processed – so you’re never left without a cab. Hail Taxi Coop Montreal today!


The Strength of a Cooperative at Your Service

Founded in 1980, Taxi Coop Montreal is unquestionably one of Montreal's most popular taxi companies. With our wide customer base, demand for our services continues to grow.


Our drivers are specially trained to give you full satisfaction and make sure you arrive quickly and safely at your destination. You can be assured that every Taxi Coop cab is driven by a qualified driver, all of whom meet all the same standards of quality, cleanliness, comfort and professionalism.


Professional Associations

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